valorie bauer

CEO & Co Founder of Baby Scene

Sometimes life is not just black and white. Sometimes little pops of color enter into the world and make all things bright!

Valorie Bauer
This is my story

since 1983, events had been my canvas and i created art through the production of events. my creativity was displayed, not in the traditional sense on a canvas, but through the design elements of the events i created and coordinated for corporate and private affairs. from fundraising galas to ground-breaking ceremonies to weddings and sweet sixteens, i embraced the challenges and produced original works of art for each event.

twelve years ago, my creativity and passion for the arts led me to a new canvas which featured a palette of hand-painted pieces in collections from collegiate to children's, casa to contemporary art and accessories. just as a painting is one of a kind, each piece in the collection was unique in design, and as original as the "o" in my name. i'm honored to have more than fifty coaches' wives, both collegiate and professional, wear my game day bangles; some of whom included shelley meyer at ohio state, kathleen swinney at clemson, paqui kelley at notre dame and linda holiday at the new england patriots, plus so many more proud mamas of student-athletes.

after experiencing the awe of seeing a 4D sonogram of our granddaughter, my husband and i explored the possibilities of me changing canvases and opening an ultrasound studio so more families could have this truly awe-inspiring experience of their own. 90 days from the ground up and with a little flair of this and a little fusion of that, baby scene was born. a premiere one-of-kind studio, baby scene is the mommy place to be!

the studio not only offers sonograms but has developed into a niche business in an ever-growing market.

equipped with the latest technology, baby scene offers state of the art elective 4D-hd live sonograms, pre & postnatal massage, pre & postnatal yoga, as well as “mamaste” mama & me and family yoga classes. additionally, we have cultivated workshops and seminars that cater specifically to women. as an artist i wanted the space to be cozy and inviting yet still have an artistic flair.

throughout my life, my children and now grandchildren have been the burst of color for my inspirations. my family is my motivation to succeed - without them, i would be a canvas without paint and would not have begun this abstract new journey.

i invite you to come and see the awe that is baby scene…

Valorie Bauer with Grandson
Valorie Bauer with Granddaughter

This is my story of service

everyone has a hero and as a policeman's daughter, my dad was my real-life hero! growing up, we watched my dad walk out the door every day, whether as a police officer or a detective, we knew he along with every other law enforcement officer were putting their life on the line to protect and serve.

as an adult, i wanted to show my appreciation to the tampa police department and volunteered my event planner services and collaborated with a committee to create the sykes law enforcement appreciation luncheon, later renamed "our heroes' luncheon." for more than eight years, i was part of the event management team who created and implemented the luncheon, having grown to honor all brave men and women in law enforcement and fire rescue.

for the past four years, i have been part of mike's angels, a not-for-profit whose mission is to be a beacon of hope for children in need in guatemala. i have used my artistic skills to paint walls, tuk-tuks, swing sets and more at opal house, a safe refuge for impoverished children. we visit and interact with children at god bless the children orphanage and hogar san jeronimo teen orphanage providing essentials, clothes, formula, diapers and most importantly love. going to guatemala is by far the best trip i have ever taken and hope that i may continue to go on the journey...


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